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Flush-By services can be utilized in situations where a conventional workover rig is not available or cost cannot be justified. A flush by unit can be deployed a lot quicker, and setup in a much shorter time. It takes less than a third of the manpower required for a conventional workover rig making it significantly safer and cheaper to the end user.

These units are primarily used for simple well interventions such as back flushing sanded wells, installation of insertable downhole pumps, fishing broken rods, changing or servicing surface units.

Usually Flush-by units are not able to perform workovers involving the tubing string, however the units that are built by HEMT are able to pull 1600 meters of 2 7/8" EUE tubing. Bigger units are able to pull up to 2600 meters of 2 7/8". These units ride on an 8X4 chassis and come equipped with a 5,000 psi plunger (Triplex) pump. Our units take less than 15 minutes to spot and rig up from the time of arriving at site.

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