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This Heavy Duty Equipment is ruggedly designed to handle various Pumping and Acidizing Operations in Oilfields and particularly used for Well Servicing.


Well Acidizing Treatments
Solvent Treatment
Well Kills
Miscellaneous Fluid Pumping at large density range
Hydrojet Perforating
Pressure Testing
Lost circulation pills


The trailer mounted Stimulation Pump Unit uses two Detroit Engines, two Transmissions, two Triplex Pumps.

The high pressure pumping system consists of two Detroit Diesel Series 60 diesel engines rated at 550 BHP, two Allison 4700 OFS automatic transmissions and two SPM TWS600S BHP rated triplex pumps .The low-pressure fluid handling system consists of two mission centrifugal pumps; one for loading the displacement tanks and one for boosting the triplex pumps. The high-pressure manifold consists of all necessary piping, valves and connections to discharge from either or both triplex pumps.

The SPM TWS600S triplex pumps are 600 BHP rated horizontal single acting plunger pumps and consist of a fluid end and power end. The fluid ends are made of alloy steel and are recommended for pumping Acid, Water, Brine, Drilling Fluids, Cement and other Well Servicing Fluids.


Engine : 2 X Detroit Diesel Engine S60, rated @ 550 BHP @ 2100 RPM with a pneumatic start.
Transmission : 2 X Allison 4700 OFS Automatic Transmission, rated @ 600HP @ 2300RPM
Pumping System : 2 X SPM / TWS 600S, Horizontal, Triplex plunger, rated @ 600BHP.
Dual -axle Heavy duty oilfield trailer.
2 x Displacement Tanks 15 m3 each.
2 x Gardner Denver 5”x 4” Centrifugal Pumps – For loading displacement tanks
1 x Remote Control Panel labeled in English.
Figure 1502 (15,000 psi) treating iron and discharge manifold (All NACE Service to MR-01-75)
2 x Fuller 2:1 gear reduction boxes
2 x 150 US gallon Fuel Tanks.
Fire Extinguishers / Iron basket / Truck Mounted Lights used for night time operation
Twin Pump Units maximum cold working capacity is 15,000 psi.

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